Top 5 Dubai budget hotels

Dubai might not be the best travel destination if you are planning to enjoy your holiday with a tight budget. It has the biggest mall in the world plus it boasts of a 7-star hotel. This does not mean though that you cannot find best value Dubai hotels.

Citymax Hotel in Barsha

The Citymax Hotel entered the Dubai scene just last year. It is ideally located near the Mall of Emirates and a few hops from affordable local restaurants. The hotel rates start at just $147 for single occupancy. It is a budget hotel that does not have a hint of being a budget accommodation when you look at it.

Holiday Inn in Deira

The locals say you will be in the middle of the “real Dubai” when you book a stay here. Do not expect anything glamorous but rest assured it will be a memorable holiday. Deira has a lot of restaurants that serve flavors from all corners of the globe. Hotel rates start at $148.

Premier Inn at the Dubai International Airport

This budget Dubai hotel offers guests a great view of the city from its rooftop while you enjoy a relaxing time at the hot whirlpool. From here, you can get a cab and you will be just around twenty minutes away from the beach or the business district. Hotel rates start at $162.

Byblos in Tecom

The style of the hotel lobby might not be the most refined you will see but the good thing is that the hotel rooms do not use the same scheme. The rooms have a speedy internet connection, flat screen TV, and modern furnishing. A standard room goes for at least $109.

Radisson Blu in Media City

This hotel is home to some popular bars like a sport lounge called Icon and the outdoor bar tagged as Tamanya Terrace. It also has a nice Italian restaurant that servers great pasta and strawberry dessert with balsamic vinegar and pepper. The standard room here will set you back $258.5

5 Surf camps where you can learn how to ride the waves

australia-byron-bay-beach-lIt is nice to see the waves from the beach but why will you contented watching them when you can learn how to ride them. If you are looking for surfing schools, we list down some of the best options:

Richaard Schmidt Surf School in California

This surf school guarantees that you will be standing on the board on your first lesson. So this school is ideal for those who think they just cannot surf. Schmidt is actully a former surfer who has been teaching people since 1978. The camp costs $1000 per person and is already inclusive of accommodations, meals, rash guards, surf instruction, sports massages, yoga sessions, video coaching, and field trips to surfing-related destinations.

Shaka Beach in Costa Rica

Surf campers here sleep comfy in a villa after a whole day of training. So if you think sleeping bags are not for you, you can be assured that you will have that warm bed, fans, and bathroom for you. The surfing lessons can be as short as five days but can stretch up to 10 days. The shorter courses may cost you $975 inclusive of instructions, surfing gear, meals, yoga classes, and massage.

Waves Surf School in NSW, Australia

If you want to learn surfing on the Land Down Under, you have Wave Surf School to help you. You can go for a quick lesson at the Royal National Park just an hour from Sydney or head to Byron Bay for a week-long surfing course. The training may set you back between $89 and $700 depending on the length of training. The fees already include lodging, transportation, surf instruction, meals, and gear.

Las Olas Surf Safaris in Mexico

This surfing school specifically caters to women who want to learn how to ride the waves. The teachers focus on support and not on competition. You learn while having fun and it starts the moment they pick you up from the airport. It may cost around $2700 for the 5-day surf camp.

The most dangerous foods across the globe

Some people travel to see different places while some travel to try out the different flavors of different cultures. Some dishes are great, some are bad, and there are also the hazardous. Here are some of the most hazardous food that might make you think twice if you want them in your mouth:

Fugu in Japan

You might be more familiar with the term puffer fish or blowfish. Yes, that cute picture perfect fish you will see underwater can actually kill you if it is not prepared well before it gets to your plate. In Japan, a chef has to undergo three years of intensive training before he is given a green light to serve the fugu dish. A badly prepared fugu can paralyze you and eventually kill you due to the poison tetrodoxin it contains.

Crabs in Latin America

Lovers of sea foods will surely love crabs in the menu but you should know how to cook cabs properly or you will end up with cholera. The same is true for shrimps, mussels, oysters and clams.

Casu Marzu in Sardinia

Casu Marzu is like any other cheese you will find in Italy but this one can actually cause enteric myiasis. And we say what? Google myiasis so you will find out for yourself how fly larvae and maggots can end up in your stomach and intestines. Ingest a good amount of the creepy crawlers and they will end up eating your intestines and linings of your tummy which will cause abdominal cramps and vomiting.

Brain of monkey in Asia

It is not just an urban legend but in some parts of Asia, brains from monkeys are serve. Even the late princess Diana was able to try this in China according to reports. They say it is yummy but there is the danger that you can catch mad cow disease. The virus, which really resides on the brain of the animal, can cause dementia, mental deterioration, and death.

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What you must not do during your Peru travel

You may have planned out for your Peru holiday by reading all the travel guides that you can get your hands on, listing the things that you want to do in Peru, and marking al the Peru destinations that you must not miss. Knowing all that we give you a list of the things that you must not do in Peru:

Just focus on Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is among the best destinations that you should not miss in Peru but remember that your holiday should not be limited to it. Travelers will be going here but remember to cover more destinations to make most of your Peru vacation.

Skip Lima

You will really be going thru Lima because of the international airport but do not make the mistake of skipping the opportunity to explore this city. Spend a day to explore Peru’s center of business, politics, and development.

Eating traditional food

Like in any other culture, the locals of Peru are very proud of their traditional dishes. Do not be afraid to try them and be open minded to new flavors that you might not have tried before. For sure you will encounter ceviche, anticuchos, and fried cuy or guinea pig.

Passing the chance to see the Amazon

Peru’s landscapes are quite varied. You have the green lush forest of the Machu Picchu and about 600% of its lands are covered with jungle but it also has one of the biggest desert city in the world, Lima.

During your Peru holiday, do not miss your chance to see the Amazon River which as 20% of the globe’s fresh water and is one of the biggest rivers in the world.

Top Travel destinations for vampire lovers

A lot of people have been hooked with vampires since Anne Rice released Interview with the Vampire and other books in the series. The series was turned into movies and today the popularity of vampires continues with movies like the Twilight series and TV shows like True Blood and Vampire Diaries.

If you are a vampire fan and love traveling, we list down some destinations where you can learn more about them:

Bran Castle in Romania

The best place to start your vampire travel is in Romania, in the castle of Vlad Tepes who rulled Wallachia. He was the was brutal to the armies that went to battle against his forces. The reputation of Vlad Tepes inspired Bram Stoker for the character of Dracula.

The Bran Castle today is home to a museum in honor of the former queen of Romania, Queen Marie. Look at how that castle displays a perfect profile for a vampire movie.

Musee des Vampires in France

This museum that contains everything vampire is located in the district of Les Lilas in Paris. You can only visit the Paris vampire museum by appointment. You will see a range of collection from costumes, weapons, books, models, and pictures.

Forks, USA

The vampire tourism in Forks was sparked by the Twilight vampire series by Stepheni Meyer. The small town in Washington are flocked by fans of the vampire movie saga. The place is also ready with memorabilia, Bella’s birthday celebration, and Twilight themed tours.

Tips For Traveling Overseas!

200452489-001Whenever you are traveling overseas, you have to remember that there is always going to be different currency wherever you go and you want to make sure that you research exactly what the exchange rate is going to be.  That way, you will not be surprised if you are getting less money back whenever you do finally exchange your money.

A lot of countries no longer use smaller change either; for example, pennies and such are obsolete in a lot of countries, so keep that in mind whenever you are looking to change out your money for another type of currency.

You also want to make sure that you are doing it as soon as you get to the destination and that you do it from a bank – as that is the best option and the most honest.

Jet Lag — How To Survive It


Traveling is difficult.  I know when I started traveling for business, it was really hard not just on me physically, but also mentally – that is what jet lag is all about.  However, I have found quite a few tips and tricks that can help you survive jet lag and truly make sure that you are mentally prepared for your trip.

One thing that you need to remember is that what you eat can affect how you feel.  Eating a lot of bread as well as a lot of sugar will make you really tired and protein will actually make your body stay awake.  Once you actually land, make sure that you drink a little caffeine and you will feel better.

Another thing that you can do is actually set your watch onto the destination’s time, that way you are prepared mentally for the time change.  It works, believe me!

Alaska Airlines — Rolling Out Some New Technology!

alaska airlines_0If there is one thing that the airlines are missing, it is the fact that they do not have internet.  That is a huge, huge problem for a lot of people, as honestly, people live on the internet and it has become a necessity nowadays.  Well, Gogo is actually the internet for planes and Alaska Airlines are taking their planes to the next level.

Currently, Virgin Airlines are the only people that have internet ready planes but Alaska Airlines are actually the second and they just announced that this year, they are going to be switching it up and adding the technology to every plane.

The service will cost just under five bucks, but to me – that is an awesome price!

Mood Lighting — It’s Possible On The Plane!

787-windowsx-largeOne thing that I hate about flying is not only the fact that I am cramped into a seat for quite an extended period of time, but … the lighting.  That is something that I absolutely hate!  Most of the time, the lighting is very dim even when it is on and you definitely do not get enough light.  Well, Virgin America has changed all of that.

They have actually improved their aircraft’s a heck of a lot and mood lighting was something that has been on their mind for quite some time.  Not only does the lighting actually come from the pane on the wall, but it is actually soft, rather than harsh.

While we can not expect this in every plane, eventually – I hope it will be a standard!

The Hottest Hot Spots for 2010!

big-island-beachIf you are in the market for some hot vacation spots, then it almost goes without saying that Hawaii should be at the top of your list. Specifically, the Big Island is an equally big draw. We are talking about a spot with the lava wastes of an active volcano, after all! Plus there are endless stretches of white sandy beaches — and black sandy beaches, and even green sandy beaches! Plus, the Big Island tends to be less crowded — and less expensive!

The islands of San Andres and Providencia, in Columbia, are amazing hot spots as well! The islands are extremely tourist friendly, not to mention breathtakingly beautiful. If you enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and diving, not to mention hiking and fishing, and if you have ever wanted to take a submarine tour, these are the islands for you!